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Just Pools of Brevard 


Professional Pool Cleaning service



We offer a variety of services from weekly cleaning to repairs/maintenance. 

We are happy to work with customers to provide a tailor made service to suit individual needs. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


This includes:

-Emptying skimmer baskets

-Skimming water surface

-Skimmer cleaned


-Brushing walls and tiles

-Backwash as required

- Inspection of filter equipment to prevent issues

-Filter cleaning (every 4 weeks or as required)

-Pump strainer emptying

-Salt cell cleaning (every 12 weeks or when required)

- Salt/ Chemicals monitored and adjusted as required

*this is also carried out on your spa if you have one and included in your monthly price

*Customers are invoiced monthly and we offer a discount for customers who want to pay up front for a year.


We offer this service to customers who maintain their own pools but need support with the following problems or customers who's pool needs extra attention or problems solving:

- Algae treatments 

- An extra clean due to an occasion or event eg party at home etc

- Stain removal with an acid wash

- Pool drained, cleaned and refilled

- Storm cleanups 

- Extra visits during leaf shedding season

* some of the services may require multiple visits to solve your pool problem. We will account for this when giving you a quote.


All our technicians are able to carry out simple maintenance jobs such as:

- Filter cartridge replacement

-Filter centre core replacement

-Diverter replacement

-Gasket replacement 

 However should your pool need electrical or a more technical repair we have a trusted technician who can help with the problems such as:

-Light replacement 

-Plumbing repairs 

-Pool heating

-Conversions between chlorine and salt systems 

-Equipment replacement

*any extra repair or maintenance needed for your pool is subject to an additional charge.

Service Prices

Look and Compare our services and find the best fit for you.

Monthly Service

From $85

Per Month (Cleaned Weekly)

Best Package Offer

General Clean

Chemicals Checked and Maintained 

Filter and Equipment Maintenance 

Salt Cell Clean and Maintenance( if pool is salt water)

One off Clean

From $50

Per Visit

Best for Algae removal or one time clean

Algae Treatment

Cleaning for a Special Occasion 

Leaf Removal during Shedding Season

After Storm Clean

Repairs and Maintenance

Contact Us

For more details

Filter Equipment

Salt Cell/ Equipment 

Timer Systems

Electrical Repairs and more