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Just Pools of Brevard 


Professional Pool Cleaning service


About Us

We are based in Rockledge, however we will travel anywhere within Brevard County; if you are not within Brevard County but are in neighboring towns please contact us and we will endeavor to see if we are able to accommodate your needs.

We specialize in all pool types and spas, both in private homes and rental properties. We pride ourself in offering tailor made services to accommodate individual needs and believe communication is key to all we do. To communicate with you about your pool we use an app which records all the information on your pool every time our technicians visit and you will receive a real time, personalized email after each visit. For the customers who don't have access to emails or prefer to receive a hand written note; we offer the option of a paper service slip after each visit which includes all the same information as the emailed version. 

The owners believe that they should not be a face behind a computer screen that customers don't see, so they actively are involved in the servicing of pools on a weekly basis and go out to meet customers and see each pool so they are familiar and make sure customer know that we care about their pool.

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